About Me


I have earned a few degrees throughout my time here on earth but nothing has been more valuable than my education, which is ongoing, in bodywork. I have a Bachelor in Theology and Social work, ASN and BSN in Nursing and 2 Certifications in massage. One in Massachusetts and one in Germany where I lived with my husband and 2 boys for 12 years, as well as some "fun" educational things I have done over the years such as a certificate from the London Institute for contemporary christianity (LICC) and a fluent competency of German. 

Since my return from Europe in 2012 I have been busy learning about how to make my bodywork top notch. I have taken the path of "One can never learn too much" and therefore have been adding new skills to my "toolbox" since my return. 

Please see my services page for a detailed description of my trainings and certifications. 

I am very excited to offer a well rounded and holistic style of body work and massage at my private and handicapped accessible office in Foxboro. 

My philosophy is that there can't be too many massage therapists in this world because everyone needs touch in this touch deprived society. Healing starts with bringing awareness to the body and this begins with the laying on of hands.  

PS..This pic was taken in 2012 upon my return from Germany and this is my happy reunion with my adorable great-nephew.