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I have decided to add a percussive massager to my work. For some people this can be very helpful to open up the tissues at the beginning of your massage. I have found this helps clients with very tight muscles, clients with fibromyalgia, and clients who cannot tolerate trigger point therapy. It activates your muscles and brings more blood to the area being worked on to begin to heal your body. I only use it for less then 10 mins during a session but so far it has been very helpful and well liked. See video below.

For all my prenatal mamas here's a great and helpful website to help you give birth natually.

As I sit here drinkning my hemp protein smoothie this morning, I decided to google "benefits and uses of Hemp protein powder" and this very good article came up from Dr. Axe whom I highly respect. Check it out.

Here's another great blog review on CBD Clinic ointment. I use the number 5 (the strongest one) both personally and with my clients and have had great success in helping people to manage their pain. This is currently only available for sale by Licensed practitioners like myself. Ask me how I can order this for you. (update: I am also now using products from R and R medicinals and this has 1000mg of full Spectrum CBD. My clients love it.)



CBD clinic ointment is currently only available to MT's and other licensed Medical practitioners. Check out this article on CBD clinic. These ointments have been life changing for my clients. Come and get a massage using these oils are your trouble areas and bring some home for further healing. Available now for purchase when noted that this is necessary for your body. Come in today for an evaluation. Did you know these are distributed right nearby in Woonsocket Rhode Island and produced in Colorado. 


Here is a link for a local podcast called Bodytalk and contains very helpful info on how to care for your body.


How can massage help a person dealing with cancer? Read this very informative article about massage and cancer.


Finally some very positive news about massage and how it should be in the frontline therapy approach toward back pain...



Client Handout: Massage & Stress:


Here's a video link of my amazing MLD teacher talking about the benefits and uses for Manual Lymph Drainage. It's only 25 mins and may get a little technical at times, but very educational.